Dr. Kamaraj

Dr. Kamaraj is qualified PhD in Agricultural Engineering with 41 years of total dedicated service in Renewable Energy including 36 years in TNAU and 5 years in International Institute of Renewable Energy, Coimbatore. 20 years of service in professor cadre in TNAU and 5 years as director. Conducted 14 Surya Mitra 3 months course of NISE, MNRE New Delhi. 32 schemes obtained for TNAU for the financial outlay of Rs 25.01 Crores.7 awards/medals including gold medals obtained. 4 thesis got university/national awards. 11 M.Tech students guided and 14 PhD scholars guided. 15 Books written and published articles in 15 International /National journals. Published more than 170 popular articles. 20,164 farmers trained and 2163 Govt/NGO staffs trained. 2,274 unemployed youth trained and self-employed. Served as under-graduate coordinator for 9 years andserved as post-graduate coordinator for 26 years. National service scheme coordinator for four years. Social service league coordinator for 4 years. Staff associate for five years. Modernization agricultural university farms were undertaken for Rs 8.00 crore. Corpus fund created for Rs. 68.78 lakhs to help poor students. Member in 11 expert committees of central and state Govts. New course Started as B.Tech in energy and environmental engineering. Earn while learning programme launched for Under-graduate students. Served as coordinators of ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE). Member in board of studies of Agricultural Engineering, TNAU, Coimbatore. Member in academic council of TNAU. Member in board of studies of Madurai Kamaraj University. Member in board of studies of Gandhi Gram Rural University. Served as biogas expert in food and Agricultural organization (FAO) of UN. Deputed to Syria as ITEC expert from India and visited more than 15 countries. Electrified tribal villages with hybrid –biogas, solar and hydro based electricity generating system. Serving and subject matter specialist for the renewable energy programmes. Serving as expert committee member of MNRE for the approval of new design bio gas plant.