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Akshayam Research Center for Healthy Environment and Resources

Akshayam Research Center is an environmental NGO established in the year 2021 and it is registered under the Charitable Trust Act of the Government of Tamil Nadu. It was promoted by its Founder Mr. Damodharan. H. This organization is managed by a team of women lead
by Dr. Usha Damodharan as a President.

Our Aim and Objectives

    • To organize the Scientific & Industrial Research in concern with Environment
    • To protect the natural resources and management of environment
    • To spread awareness of environmental issues and try to find solutions for them
    • To preserve nature by planting trees
    • To cultivate medicinal herbals plants for the benefit of public people
    • To create awareness among public of health education
    • To empower woman through economic development
    • To import employment oriented training program for rural woman
    • To promote the livelihood of farmers
    • To work for the overall development of rural areas
    • To provide essential educational based assistance & training that helps the rural students to meet their future confidently.
    • To collaborate with panchayats, banks & other NGOs etc in implemental schemes




B.B.A., D.C.S. Engg.,
Being a successful businessman he has a clear mission and goal for structuring a charitable trust, which strives for the enhancement of this environment hence the society. He is qualified with bachelors in business administration and Engineering in computer science. His dream of forming an organization for sustainable environment and rural development has come true. He encourages the entire team to work together to create a healthy and pollution-free India.


Dr. Usha.S

M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph. D
Managing Trustee

Manju Gopinath.D

Financial Trustee

Padma Divya.M

M.A., B.Ed


Dip in Nursing (Retd Govt Employee)

V.K. Yamuna Gandhi

B.Sc., B.Ed

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Kamaraj

Ph. D in Agricultural Engineering
Advisory Board Member

Dr. G. Poyyamoli

M.Sc (Marine Biology), Ph. D. (Ecology)
Advisory Board Member

Dr. R. Thilak Kumar

Ph. D in Physics
Advisory Board Member

Mr. S. Vidyasagar

M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc (Yoga), PGDTE., RBP.,
Advisory Board Member

Dr. Francis OlawaleAbulude

M.Tech and Ph. D Analytical Chemistry
Advisory Board Member
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vizhamangalam paattai street,

Field office:
2/3c1 main street,

REGD NO: 004/5/2021
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